The busiest fish market in Quang Nam

For more than 15 years, the Tam Tien fish market has been bustling with boats in the early morning, selling several varieties of fresh seafood, such as shrimp, fish, crab, etc.

Hundreds of fishing boats gather along the Tam Tien seashore, shipping the seafood to the mainland in the dawn. Tam Tien beach was initially a boat dock, as told by the local fishermen. Later, with the increasing number of boats, many merchants gathered and established a busy fish village, as can be seen nowadays.

Apart from using more traditional type boats, basket-boats are also used to transfer fish barrels to the land.

By 4 a.m, when the sky is still dark, the fishing village is starting to bustle. The fishing harvest lasts from April to September, but sometimes also includes the Southwest monsoon and the Northeast monsoon season.

Tam Tien fish market is located in Nui Thanh Commune, 15 kilometers away from Tam Ky City. It is the largest wholesale fish market in Quang Nam Province and is only set up for trading during the summertime.

To locate the market, from the center of Tam Ky City, take a ride to DT614 street ( toward Tam Thanh beach ) and at the T-junction, turn right before traveling around 7 kilometers where you will find your destination.

The diversity of seafood is the highlight of this fish market, such as goatfish, mullet fish, round scad, hairtail, anchovy, tuna, many kinds of shrimp and crab.
“The hard-working of everyone here is an inspiration for me to compose”, said photographer Tran Minh Tri (born in 1989).

Anchovy barrels are sold to the merchants and dried. Fishermen tell that the anchovy and round scad fish are harvested by pulling nets, the biggest crop is up to 1-2 tons of fish.


The squid egg (also called squid milk ) is about 5-12 cm long and contains many eggs inside. It is a nutrient-rich specialty of the Central Coast.

The price of seafood is dependant on the sizes, for example, the price of butterfish is about 120.000 – 140.000 VND / kg, round scad fish about 50.000 - 70.000 VND / kg, or squid egg 100.000 – 140.000 VND / kg. On special occasions, the price is higher than on any usual day.

Many locals invest in several fish steamers or big fish drying bases. Thanks to these investments, round scad fish, anchovy fish, and squid egg can be available to the markets more rapidly.

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